Migraine and Headaches

Have you been diagnosed as having migraine with no known underlying condition, suffering visual disturbance, nausea and headache?
Then Shiatsu may be just the thing for you. There are often other patterns associated with migraine, such as pre-menstrual syndrome, previous injury, trauma, stress or the suppression of emotions.  In Oriental medicine, migraine is often seen as trapped or stagnated Qi (energy) suddenly rising to the head in an intense burst.

Shiatsu seeks to disperse these energy blockages and treat the underlying cause, whereas migraine tablets are only intended to relieve the current symptoms. Having a known underlying condition is not likely to mean that Shiatsu would be unsuitable for you, but this would need further clarification.

Paul has been practising Shiatsu for migraine sufferers since 1990. He has an extremely high success rate.
Although manifesting in different symptoms, other types of headache respond equally well to shiatsu treatment. A full history of your signs and symptoms will be taken by Paul so as to formulate a treatment plan. A series of treatments in reasonably quick succession is the norm, but many factors may be involved.
 “Paul has changed my life. I have suffered from fairly frequent three day migraines all my adult life and over the counter medicine seemed to have no effect. I was getting to the stage where I was cutting out alcohol and chocolate – and what sort of life is that – still to no avail.
I consulted Paul in February 2009 and he was confident he could help. I have been seeing him regularly ever since and have not had a migraine since April 2009!! I can now enjoy a drink without worrying about having a headache the next day – not so popular with my husband who got used to a chauffeur when we went out! The treatments are relaxing and also help with my stress levels. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough.
J.J. of Locksheath (J.J. has still had no migraines, May 2019. P.B.)

"I went to see Paul last October, having suffered severe and frequent migraines for many years. I had tried just about every treatment, both NHS and Natural, but nothing had worked in the longer term. At the first session I was impressed that Paul was honest and advised me that the medication I take on a permanent basis may not help achieve a full result. After just 2 sessions I felt so much better, with more energy and a lighter outlook, and despite having 2 family bereavements in a short space of time, I have had only a couple of migraines, which were far less severe than before. I have continued to have further treatments, with the gap in between becoming further apart. He has also successfully helped me with neck and back problems as the weeks have passed.

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and professional and puts you at your ease immediately; explaining what he is doing and using a good sense of humour to illustrate his actions, which makes it easier to remember the exercises you are supposed to do! I would highly recommend Paul and this treatment is AMAZING and 5 star. Thank you Paul, you have given me my life back."
Sue Castle
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