These reviews are in the clients own words and therefore reflect their own understanding of Shiatsu. Should you have any queries regarding any technique,condition or symptom mentioned, please contact Paul. See the Contact Us page.

"Today I had my first ever treatment of shiatsu. Paul was very through and explained every thing to me before and during the appointment. He put me at ease and pinpointed the things that are causing me both physical and mental problems. I felt enlightened after and much more in tune with myself. Also my body felt more relaxed I have not felt like this for a long time I highly recommend Paul and have already booked my next appointment"


"I have been a regular visitor to The Stubbington Natural Health Clinic for a number of years for Osteopathy, and Acupuncture for chronic back pain, sciatic pain and neck pain. I have had back and neck surgery to alleviate the pain that I suffered. I had two disc replacements in my neck in 2012. The surgery eased my pain emmensely but i was left with chronic neuralgic pain on the left hand side of my face, behind my right eye, and a stabbing pain in my left shoulder. I have been on medication since to relieve the pain.

Whilst waiting in the waiting room, at the clinic approximately five weeks ago I saw an article about Shiatsu, and how it could treat migraine sufferers. I had not heard of Shiatsu but as i had previously tried medication, and alternative treatments to ease my neuralgia i decided to book an appointment with Paul Bridle the Shiatsu practitioner.

What can i say he is a genius. I left my details at the reception. Paul contacted me the same evening and i discussed my symptoms with him. I had neuralgic pain during my visit that i marked as a 7 on a scale of 1 t 10 . 10 being the highest.
I was a little apprehensive when during my first appointment, but i had no reason to be be. Paul put me at ease straight away. He made comprehensive notes of my symptoms, and explained how he would treat me. The whole experience was very relaxing that was helped by Paul's sense of humour.

After my first treatment for the first time in as long as i can remember I had minimal pain in the right hand side of my face. a 2 on the scale. A eureka moment and no more medication.
I have had two further treatments, and my neuralgic pain as i type this e mail is 0 on the scale.

I will continue to visit Paul for my shoulder, eye, and sciatic pain, as i have the complete confidence that he will alleviate me of the pain that has dragged me down for many years.
I would recommend that anyone suffering from chronic pain visits Paul at one of his clinics. You cannot put a cost on alleviating chronic pain. I can now sleep at night"

"Paul is incredible; I started to have sessions with him around 6 years ago when my then employer provided it as part of the well being package. On day one Paul asked me what ailments I suffered and what I would like him to concentrate on. At the time I had just recovered from a broken pelvis and this is one of the things that he centred my care as well as my left shoulder/neck as this has always been where I have carried my stress. I have to say the results are always amazing. Sometimes I have constant nerve pain in my pelvis, lower back etc... and a one hour session with Paul always sorts this out. Paul also has a very in depth knowledge of the human anatomy and always makes sure he explains the link between the pain you are suffering in relation to your internal organs and the relevance of the area he is treating so it gives you a really clear picture of how it works. He has also given me a number of tricks to use in his absence to ensure my issues are manageable. Paul also happens to be one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet; He is presentable, very punctual and a general pleasure to deal with. I have recommended Paul's services to a number of friends that have all experienced the same and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. Finally, if you are suffering with something that Paul does not feel Shiatsu would benefit he will be honest and tell you. Keep up the good work Paul."
Nikki Edyvane
Managing Director
Genius Money

 "I was referred to Paul from a friend who he had helped in the past. I have been suffering from acute back pain for over 12 months which along with causing daily discomfort was also restricting every day movements such as standing up, sitting down, driving and any vigorous kinds of activity above walking pace. After meeting Paul and going over the history of the injury and the symptoms he began work on trying to understand the root of the problem. After the 1st session Paul had managed to release almost all of the tension and pain and the following week was almost completely pain free and nearly all of the stiffness had gone. After a follow up session a week later I can report that again, I am pain free with no restricted movement. Paul also gave me some great advice around problems with my posture and how I can correct this to avoid injuries down the road. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and always explains what he is doing and why to give you a good understanding. After spending lots of money with chiropractors over the past year with no long lasting result I can say that seeing Paul was best thing I have done. If you suffer from back pain.........GO AND SEE PAUL!!!!!!You wont regret it. I'm now looking forward to a pain free summer and getting back into the Gym. Thanks again Paul"
Simon Phillips

"I went to see Paul last October, having suffered severe and frequent migraines for many years. I had tried just about every treatment, both NHS and Natural, but nothing had worked in the longer term. At the first session I was impressed that Paul was honest and advised me that the medication I take on a permanent basis may not help achieve a full result. After just 2 sessions I felt so much better, with more energy and a lighter outlook, and despite having 2 family bereavements in a short space of time, I have had only a couple of migraines, which were far less severe than before. I have continued to have further treatments, with the gap in between becoming further apart. He has also successfully helped me with neck and back problems as the weeks have passed.

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and professional and puts you at your ease immediately; explaining what he is doing and using a good sense of humour to illustrate his actions, which makes it easier to remember the exercises you are supposed to do! I would highly recommend Paul and this treatment is AMAZING and 5 star. Thank you Paul, you have given me my life back."
Sue Castle

“Paul is a genius! I had suffered from low back pain for more years than I like to remember, sometimes it completely immobilised me. I had been to osteopaths and chiropractors with very little success.
Paul was able to get me moving comfortably in very little time and within weeks had completely removed the pain. He gave me simple exercises to help strengthen my back and stop the muscles contracting. I am happy to say I have had no significant recurrences since he treated me.
Paul has also stopped a bout of sciatica in its tracks with only one treatment. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A sweet, personable and incredibly skilled man.”                                        
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
Zona McGlynn
"I went to see Paul with a certain amount of scepticism about alternative medicine - or health treatments - as I am a Science teacher.  I have muscular dystrophy which affects my ability to walk easily. 
Having regular shiatsu treatments from Paul is improving my mobility and I believe that continuing having treatments will give me greater mobility for longer, despite my condition possibly deteriorating in the long term.
Paul's sense of humour puts me at my ease.  He gently assesses my total mind and body situation using that humour.  Paul took - and continues to take - case notes with meticulous detail - he was very careful as he had never worked with my condition before.  His approach is very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."
Martin Gardiner
Science teacher

" Paul has changed my life.

I have suffered from fairly frequent three day migraines all my adult life and over the counter medicine seemed to have no effect.  I was getting to the stage where I was cutting out alcohol and chocolate – and what sort of life is that – still to no avail.

I consulted Paul in February 2009 and he was confident he could help. I have been seeing him regularly ever since and have not had a migraine since April 2009.!!   I can now enjoy a drink without worrying about having a headache the next day – not so popular with my husband who got used to a chauffeur when we went out!

The treatments are relaxing and also help with my stress levels.

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough."


(still had no migraines, April 2021!  No migraine for twelve years. P.B.)

Paul Bridle is very professional, has excellent knowledge of the subject, well worth the money for his time, very trustworthy and punctual. Paul is very friendly and approachable in his manner and attitude, will work with you to get to the root of any problems or issues. I always feels so much more energised, balanced in mind and body and flexible after a session of Shiatsu. I fully recommend Paul Bridle as a Shiatsu Pratitioner in the Portsmouth area.
Lorraine Charley
Victim Care Officer, Victim Support

See full google review: 

" I started work in Portmouth as a divisional Manager for Vane Recruitment and part of Vane's 'giving back' to their staff, is that they organise Shiatsu once a fortnight. I have benefitted from these sessions and must say that ALL complaints that I have fed to Paul, he has completely eliminated or made easier. I have suffered things from bloated stomach, Aching muscles from training, neck pain from being seated all day, nerve issues. All of which are now either gone or have been made much more manageable. I started running and after my first outing managed to make my leg muscles ache so much I struggled to sit down and get up. After just 1 session this was gone... Amazing. Paul is not only professional but, compassionate, understanding, patient & effective. I would strongly recommend putting his skills to the test. Thank you Paul...."

Divisional Manager
Vane Recruitment Ltd


" Paul is a fantastic shiatsu practitioner and when I recently had some stress/grief problems, through a course of treatments, he has helped to sort me out, both emotionally and physically. After a treatment I feel very relaxed and calm and ready to face the world. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough."

See Running Fitness Magazine, March 2013: 
"In my opinion Sports Massages are good in their own right but are for muscle only, Shiatsu is also about organs and the clearing of the channels to these organs to ensure that they and the muscles are working at their optimum. I found benefits in the first session and pretty much have a benefit at every visit, I recommend a fortnightly visit.
The main complement for me is it helps me stay in tune with how I need to adapt my eating and general life to continue with my busy work and physical stress that the running puts me under, especially when doing 5-6 miles three to four times a week. Paul informs me if I have organ weaknesses and why and all helps keep every channel open to them.
Runners could definitely expect to see a reduction in the risk of injury plus have early warnings of dehydration or vitamin deficiency."
Alvin Edyvane
Managing Director
V3 group.

 " I was lucky enough to 'find' Paul ten years ago. Before that I had a permanent painful back and neck. I tried everything, a chiropractor, acupuncture, physiotherapy and of course painkillers. After a few treatments with Paul, there was an improvement, and now I go to him just to keep the pain at bay. He has changed my therapy from Therapeutic massage to Shiatsu in the last few months, but either one is excellent."



" Paul visited our offices for over 3 years as a perk to our employees. His Shiatsu actually benefitted the business in a number of ways we had not anticipated: not only did it allow us to offer a benefit to our employees who improved their physical wellness; it had a positive knock on effect on their working! I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul. He is professional, punctual, reliable and very in-tune with the needs of individuals."

Kim Way

Managing Director

Wild Recruitment ltd


See full google review:

 " ...the most effective is Shiatsu with Paul Bridle, the massage is hands-on but gentle which is soothing, relaxing and has a long term well being effect. In busy life styles having regular sessions with Paul I have found that I have more concentration, less aches and pains and the stress levels are more manageable. Paul is very honest, caring and understanding he will work with you around busy timetables and offer as much help as possible along with some techniques for use at home. I would recommend Paul to family and friends which I have, the results have been amazing in their well being. Shiatsu in the Cosham area is convenient, easy to find, Paul the practitioner is great, I would recommend him to all my love ones to be care for by the best."

L.C. Portsmouthlady


" Paul Bridle has provided the staff at Wild Recruitment with a first class Shiatsu service for over 3 years.

He has always been punctual, polite, pleasant and informative. He has never been late, sick or unreliable and gave notice on only 2 occasions when the regular time was not suitable. I would highly recommend Paul's Shiatsu service."

Kim Way

Managing Director

Wild Recruitment ltd


" Paul Bridle is a graduate of the European Shiatsu School having successfully completed the Shiatsu Practitioners Diploma.

It is my opinion that he will be an asset to whoever he works for within the field of health care. As such I have no hesitation in recommending him to you as a Shiatsu Practitioner."

Chris Jarmey MCSP MRSS

Course Director and Principal

The European Shiatsu School


The above references are in the clients own words and therefore reflect their own understanding of Shiatsu. Should you have any queries regarding any technique,condition or symptom mentioned, please contact Paul. See the Contact Us page.

Dr Hilary Jones supports Shiatsu



We are pleased to be working with Dr Hilary Jones, the popular medic seen on morning television, to increase awareness of the benefits of Shiatsu.
A long established Japanese therapy, Shiatsu is used as a treatment for many chronic illnesses and conditions as well as injuries and joint immobility. It is also widely used for wellbeing, helping patients to improve their quality of sleep and to de-stress.
“I am delighted to be associated with the Shiatsu Society as I’ve had Shiatsu myself” said Dr Hilary who is a practising GP as well as a supporter of complementary health therapies. “Shiatsu Society practitioners are all fully qualified with a minimum of 3 years training.”

“I believe that modern medicine and complementary therapies can often work together to achieve the best results for patients. Using a practitioner from the Shiatsu Society (UK) assures you of professional, expert attention.”  

 "Shiatsu is a unique stand-alone complementary therapy which supports health and well-being. I am pleased to be associated with the Shiatsu Society (UK) to raise awareness of the spirit and ethos of Shiatsu and the development of integrated and accessible healthcare." Dr Hilary Jones.

Excerpt from the Shiatsu Society (UK) website. 


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Give Paul a phone on 02392 325816 to arrange vouchers for your friends and family to receive a Shiatsu session. Vouchers are redeemable within two months of purchase. Due to the nature of Shiatsu it is important that the recipient has no contra-indications to treatment.
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